Oct 01 2010

Alexandra Morton tours the Fraser River basin

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Salmon Are Sacred – Mission for Wild Salmon
Salmon Are Sacred .org
In May of this year, thousands of people joined Alexandra Morton in her 500 km “Salmon Are Sacred” “Get Out Migration” that ended up on the steps of the BC Legislature. Alexandra asked the Government to get open net pen fish farms out of our ocean and into closed containment.

Alexandra Morton’s “Salmon Are Sacred” kicks off another tour – this time in the Fraser River watershed. Starting on Friday, (October 1st) Alexandra speaks “In Praise of Wild Salmon” at the Mission Film Festival.  On October 3rd she talks about her work at the Sockeye Festival in Adams River. Alexandra’s tour also includes meetings with First Nations and other communities. Visits to sockeye spawning grounds and walks and paddles throughout October.

Prince George (4th/5th),
Fraser Lake (5th/6th),
Stuart Lake (7th),
Takla Landing (8th/9th),
Quesnell Lake/Horsefly (10th),
Williams Lake (11th),
Kamloops/Barriere (12th),
Lumby (13th),
Enderby (14th),
Adams Lake (15th),
Lillooet (18th)
Lytton (19th)
Hope (20th) Alexandra leaves on a five-day paddle down the Fraser River to Vancouver. (20th to 25th)

After receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Simon Fraser University. Dr.Morton, said:

A run of wild salmon this big has not been seen in B.C. for 100 years. I am taking the Get Out Migration up the Fraser River watershed. Wild salmon are the lifeblood of B.C. and our journey will connect the coast to the upper reaches of the Fraser. I am calling all Wild Salmon People to speak out for wild salmon to the Provincial and Federal Governments.”

The 2010 Fraser River sockeye provided $500 million to the B.C. economy and 45 million kg of nutrients to the Fraser basin that covers 60% of B.C. Pacific wild salmon are too precious to risk being decimated by Atlantic salmon feedlots controlled by secretive Norwegian corporations.

Anissa Reed of Ocean Aura, and the creative genius behind Salmon Are Sacred said:

We will be supporting ourselves on this trip and raising awareness by selling T-shirts. I am doing this because I love my home and salmon are what keep it alive. Wild salmon are the backbone of B.C. and we ask that all Wild Salmon People join together in putting wild salmon first.”

Following the Paddle for Wild Salmon the wild salmon people will gather in Vancouver for a flotilla, march and rally on 25th October bringing the message that we want the complete truth to the opening of the Cohen Commission.

Follow the journey at Alexandra’s blog. For more details of The Paddle for Wild Salmon please visit SalmonAreSacred.org

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