Oct 01 2010

Congratulations to Salmon Song winners

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Subject: A Song for the Salmon contest winners announced Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 21:18:20 -0700
From: Jim Cooperman

Hi Priscilla,
Here is the news about the contest.
… the three judges finally reached their verdict this morning to choose the winners of the first ever “Song for the Salmon” contest. The winner is Anie Hepher, from Cranbrook… The second prize winner is Marcus Smith… there were three runner-ups: Clara Anderson, Peter Blacklock, and Michael Rivar.
Thanks so much for entering the contest.
Sockeye cheers,
Jim Cooperman, Media Liaison
Adams River Salmon Society
R.R. 1 S10 C2
Chase, B.C., V0E 1M0

The winner receives $500, two passes to the 2011 Roots and Blues festival and a hand sculpted glass trophy by Chuck St. John. The second place winner will receive $250. Both artists will perform their songs at the Salute to the Sockeye Festival on Sunday, October 3rd at 1 pm at Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park. Alexandra Morton the well-known marine biologist and wild salmon campaigner, will say a few words about her work at the festival.


Well that was fun and guess what? After playing at the Adams River Coffee house last week, a teacher from the Celista Elementary School asked for words and music to my song. So grade one and two students are learning my salmon song now. That’s just the best prize ever. Here’s a link to hear it: www.priscillajudd.ca/media/salmon-song.mp3 – it’s dedicated to Alexandra Morton.


  1. priscillajudd

    Does anyone have a link to the first place winning song by Annie Hepner from Cranbrook? Great song Annie!
    If so, please post it for us. Thanks


  2. priscilla

    Here is a link to the website of the second place winners:


  3. victor toy

    New to your paper. Was at the Salmon Festival on the 10th October, was enjoying the day, taking photos and video memories but missed the song winners performances and only heard Anie Hepher’s Salmon Hymn the following day on CBC’s Daybreak.
    Thanks to your paper and weblink, I got to hear this delightful and worthy song again.


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