Sep 20 2010

we are strong – they gossip – we stand together for salmon

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Wild salmon are an icon of democracy – in their natural environment, they inherently benefit all of us. Sadly our wild salmon can be destroyed by people who either by ignorance or greed, can’t see beyond her own tragic lives

We must protect our salmon, their river and ocean waters for every phase of their life cycle. We have laws that are capable of dealing with those who would cut this living bloodline to our province. But, democracy doesn’t operate just because we believe this to be a democracy. We have to take part and make it happen or we could lose it.

This fabulous salmon run of 2010 is the miracle of creation. This run has shown us the power of life but so this creative life also has the power of death.

We can have wild salmon – we can have a democracy where government protects and nourishes that which feeds the people. Corporations come and go. Resource extraction is endless but they have no connection to the land and water or the need for food and beauty. Corporations can move on – and they do – we’ve seen it happen – many times.

We are the citizens of this country – we live here – we birth our children here and we are not going away. No trading agreement can take away our right to sovereign food not even NAFTA. Oh they will yell and cry foul and “mistakenly” tell lies in a campaign to slander our strong leaders who speak on behalf of salmon.

Yes – lies will come – repeated in meetings, in our newspapers and blogs. Whispered behind our backs and promoted as fact by people who feel threatened by our leaders, our love for salmon and our desire to stop the desecration of salmon habitat.

I know how it works – you know how it works. I’ve been there done that – changed things and survived.

I reject any notion that Alexandra Morton is funded by any country, corporation or NGO. I know in my heart that she is driven by her love for salmon and support from 18,000 people who have made thousands of small donations. Alexandra Morton is our leader who lives on donations and income from www.alexandramorton.ca she is not beholden to anyone – she speaks for herself and she speaks for wild salmon.

The Norwegian Fish Farm Industry and our two levels of government are concerned about that and so they should be. When have they ever seen a culture of people so determined to protect fish? We are the wild salmon movement! So – when you hear gossip – remember it means that we are growing stronger – we will return BC’s coast to our wild salmon. Yes we will!

So now, it’s up to us and Judge Cohen who needs to hear from every one of us. Check out www.salmonaresacred.org Join me and 17,999 others who stand shoulder to shoulder along side Alex Morton and BC salmon.

Public hearings are taking place now – I’ll see you at one of them OK? Right – together we can swim home on the power of salmon.

New Westminster – (that’s today) Sept. 20, 6:30pm – 9:30 pm Inn at the Quay (Hyak Rm North) 900 Quayside
Prince George – Sept 23, 6:30pm – 9:30 pm Ramada Inn (Cranbrook S. Centre), 444 George St.
Chilliwack – Sept 29, 6:30pm – 9:30 pm Coast Chilliwack Hotel (Rosedale AB) 45920 1st Ave.
Kamloops – Oct. 21, 6:30pm – 9:30 pm Coast Canadian Hotel (Collonade Rm) 339 St. Paul St.

To find out what the Judge wants to hear about go to: http://www.cohencommission.ca/en/PublicForums/PublicForumsSchedule.php

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