Sep 19 2010


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Mission World Community Film Festival – OCTOBER 1,2,3
“Hope is not what we find in evidence – It is what we become in action.”

October is almost upon us, and with it comes the time to be part of an energy that has united some dedicated and powerful individuals.

During the weekend of October 1,2 & 3, people will be uniting their efforts to defend the lands and waters that we must protect for our own survival and for the survival of all living beings. Indeed, this will be a weekend dedicated to taking action for environmental, social, and global justice. It will be a weekend to remind us that every voice matters and that it is when we join together in solidarity that we will see the tides change in favor of the democracy we supposedly live in.

On October 1rst, Alexandra Morton will be speaking at an evening to celebrate the legendary salmon return of 2010, and to recognize the need to ensure the future survival of wild salmon. Her efforts to rally people together on behalf of wild salmon did not stop at the historic rally in Victoria on May 8th of this year. People have continued to unite and show support for all efforts being made to remove threats to wild salmon. Alexandra will be announcing what has come of this incredible support and how we can make the future of wild salmon a reality and not an uncertainty.

On October 2nd, Rex Weyler will be speaking after Land of Oil and Water to let you know how and why we must stop the Enbridge northern pipeline and the actual tankers that are already carrying Alberta crude oil through Vancouver Harbour. This was started up without any public process. About 2 oil tankers per week already pass through Vancouver Harbour, with plans for 10 tankers per week.

Professor Trevor Carolan will be speaking after “The Practice of the Wild” to remind us of why we need to recognize our connection to ecology in literature and in our lives.
Franklin Lopez will be present to speak after “Sweet Crude” and the sneak preview of “END:CIV”. Not for the faint of heart, these films will open your eyes and keep them open.

On October 3rd, it will be an honor to have Chief Marilyn Baptiste and Chief Joe Alphonse present to speak after ‘Blue Gold: the Tsilhqot’in Fight for Fish Lake’. They will be joining with other local environmental/social justice advocates to announce how we can unite our efforts to stop the destruction of sacred lands.

What else links Alexandra, Rex and Chief Marilyn together? Come find out when they announce their upcoming plans for October.

Many other dedicated individuals and groups will be present over the weekend to introduce and speak after some incredible films.

Please encourage everyone you know to be present for this weekend. For those who cannot afford the costs, please contact me personally or consider volunteering.

For full details, schedule and film descriptions, go to www.missionfilmfestival.ca or phone 604 826-5937. Toll free at 1 866 494-3655.

Venue: Heritage Park Center, Mission, B.C.
33700 Prentis Ave

We look forward to seeing you there!
Elena Edwards

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