Sep 19 2010

reject the Approval of GE Salmon!

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Well darn it all anyway !!! – I just read on Angry Canuck’s blog that GE fish have been approved – however, it’s not too late to keep up the pressure. Watch the video and keep telling people about this monster fish.


Share our new video with your friends and family and ask them to take action.
Thank you for your work to stop genetically engineered salmon from being approved. Thanks to people like you, yesterday our coalition submitted over 160,000 public comments opposing GE salmon, got in over 1,500 calls to the White House and held a national press conference that was attended by media including CNN, CBS and ABC.

We have just 48 hours left to collect more comments before the FDA hearings start. Can you share our new video with your friends and family and ask them to take action?

The Food & Drug Administration will begin hearings on Sunday to approve genetically engineered salmon for people to eat. Wenonah Hauter, our executive director, will be delivering public comments from you and our supporters on Monday. Can you ask your friends and family to submit their comments today?

The FDA has a flawed process for approving these GE salmon and unfortunately for us, the process isn’t focused on what happens when people eat genetically engineered animals. If the FDA moves forward, these salmon would be the first GE animals approved for human consumption.

Help us make this final push to stop the approval of GE Salmon

Thanks for taking action,
Sarah Alexander
Outreach Director
Food & Water Watch