Sep 19 2010

"tough on crime"

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Yesterday I read a sign on a bulletin board in downtown Lumby – “Do the Police act for Government or the law”. A few days ago, I drove under a sign advertising “tough new laws coming Sept 20”. In the Vernon Morning Star (September 17th page A9) “B.Thor” wrote that new tough laws permit police to pull any car over without cause. Is it true? I don’t know but it concerned me so I went to the Internet to see who else is talking about our justice system.

According to Murray Dobbin at: http://murraydobbin.ca/2010/09/18/police-state-watch/ our justice system is trying to lock up Betty Krawczyk for being an environmental activist.

The Crown wants a life sentence. They are trying to get it by changing the definition of mental illness to include .“ …‘oppositional defiant disorder (ODD).’… ‘an ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior toward authority figures.’ Symptoms include losing one’s temper, annoying people and being ‘touchy.’

Betty Krawczyk was arrested in a protest at Eagle Bluff.  She was convicted and served a 10 month sentence. Who in Lumby thinks that “being touchy” or “annoying people” and sitting down in front of a logging truck is reason to lock up an 81 year old granny for the rest of her life?

Apparently, Minister Day is building prisons because there is “unreported crime” in Canada. Will Mr.Day be filling those prisons with unreported people who commit unreported crimes? Were the 900 peaceful demonstrators arrested at the G20 suffering from oppositional defiant disorder – an unreported law? I can’t find any Internet info on the rabble rousers who actually broke glass windows and set cars on fire at the G20. Were they arrested? Judy Rebick at Global Research says they were given the opportunity to start the violence.

When Betty Krawczyk was a teenager in North America, the dreaded National Socialist Party brought in tough new laws in Germany, “disobedient, hostile and defiant” opponents were arrested for “unreported” crimes and sent to prison. Meanwhile members of that same ruling party were trashing buildings and terrorizing the German people into obedience.

In her book “Extra Ordinary Evil (A Brief History of Genocide) Barbara Coloroso quotes C.P.Snow

“…far more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have been committed in the name of rebellion.”

Lumby has been offered economic benefits to accept a prison and if they accept the offer, it may prevent the Village from negotiating a high level of transparency for what goes on inside. When listing Lumby’s “economic benefits” of accepting a prison or the corporate benefits from building or servicing a prison – the people of Lumby seem to expect a financial gain from “investing” in that prison. Why should the prosecution of crime provide an economic benefit to anyone?

Currently, the Nokia Coporation is facing a legal suit for enabling the Iranian Government to kidnap a journalist who used his cell phone to report from an anti government demonstration. In a radio interview, a UN advisor on cell phone technology said that people in Corporations are not responsible for the way governments use a patented technology. However, the CEO’s who assisted Hitler while amassing profit for their corporations were charged and convicted of murder, slavery and other heinous war crimes.

Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel said,

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

Are we becoming a Corporate Police state? We won’t really know unless it happens so it is our duty to protest each incremental shift in public opinion that normalizes injustice. I am writing to the Canadian Justice Minister for some answers and and I’ll post his answer on my blog. Meanwhile, there is a rally for Betty Krawczyk in Vancouver on Wed. Sept. 22,at 9:30am, 10:00am for the hearing. Supreme Court and Appeals, 800 Smithe Street, back steps corner of Howe and Robson. To read Betty’s blog go to: http://bettysearlyedition.blogspot.com/

More at: http://thetyee.ca/Views/2009/06/01/Krawczyk/

Looks Like I got the date wrong – it was today September 22 (not November) does anyone know what happened? sorry about that.

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