Sep 01 2010

“Enviropig™" for Human Guinea Pigs – mice are nice!

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To: Hon. Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health
Re: Please reject GM Enviropig
Date: Wednesday 01 September 2010

Cc: Hon. Carolyn Bennett, Liberal Health Critic
Cc: Megan Leslie, NDP Health Critic
Cc: Luc Malo, Bloc Québécois Health Critic
Cc: Dr. Samuel Godefroy, Director General, Food Directorate, Health Canada

Dear Minister Aglukkaq,

I am writing to ask you to ensure that the genetically modified (GM) pig
called “Enviropig™” which has been produced by splicing mouse and
bacteria genes into a pig, is never approved for human consumption in
Canada. I ask you to immediately reject the request for approval of
“Enviropig™” submitted by the University of Guelph.

Please put a stop to the development of GM animals into our food system is
unacceptable. I don’t want to eat “Enviropig™” and I want to keep
my family and friends safe from eating GM meat.

“Enviropig™” is unnecessary for farmers and unwanted by consumers.
If approved  “Enviropig™” will be rejected by Canadians who are
increasingly seeking healthy, wholesome food produced by independent family
farmers. Consumer rejection of “Enviropig™” will also harm the global
market for Canada’s hog producers at a time of economic crisis.

We have never been asked if we want to eat GM foods. Consequently, Health
Canada has no mandate to consider approving meat from GM animals for human
consumption. Furthermore, there is no mandatory labeling of GM foods to
even give us the choice to avoid GM meat or other GM food.

Proposed new government regulations to deal with GM animals and fish have
not even been completed, so Health Canada cannot claim to have the capacity
to make a proper decision on this complex technology.

Please uphold Health Canada’s responsibility to protect the health and
safety of Canadians by denying food safety approval of “Enviropig™”

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. I look forward to
your response.

Priscilla Judd

contact AT priscillajudd.ca

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