Aug 30 2010

To: someone who blogs about eating salmon

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Subject: salmon Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 11:35:29 -0700
From: priscillajudd.ca
To: someone who blogs about eating salmon
Dear blogger:
If you want wild salmon you have to stand up and demand it. Wild salmon in BC are threatened by Fish Farm Pollution, disease parasites and and pesticide – DFO is making regulation and you have about 5 days to tell them to get the farms out of the ocean.

You can also tell the www.cohencommission.ca that you want wild salmon – the Government needs to fund habitat restoration for salmon because recently there has not been enough to feed the First Nations who have the Constitutional first right to salmon in Canada.

Educate yourself and others and don’t eat farmed salmon. You may never see a wild salmon in Rvers, Lakes or Ocean but salmon are directly related to the health of our planet.

GO to www.salmonaresacred.org and learn the political and environmental challenges facing wild salmon. Go to www.farmedanddangerous.org and take an hour of your life to sign every petition you can and submit your comments to Government . We all agree that Wild salmon are worth an hour of our lives.

After that, you can eat wild salmon with a clear conscience.

www.priscillajudd.ca/theXpress blogging for social justice.

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