Aug 30 2010

Canada Gazette part 1, Aquaculture Management Directorate, DFO

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Subject: Canada Gazette part 1, Aquaculture Management Directorate, DFO Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 14:51:43 -0700
From: contact at priscillajudd.ca
To: PAR-RPA at dfo-mpo.gc.ca

Canada Gazette, Part 1
to Ed Porter, team leader, Regulatory Operations, Aquaculture Management Directorate, Fisheries and Oceans Canada,

Re: fish farm Regulation:
I do not think you should make regulations that allow fish blood to go in the ocean or fish food that contains antibiotices. I don’t think you are regulating when you allow things to go on such as fish farming with disease in our oceans and I don’t like that. The farms should be stopped and put on land in containers where regulations mean something. At the moment you are jeopardizing wild fish and allowing pollution of our water – It seems to be illegal for everone else to pollute and so it should be illegal to let fish farms pollute. Putting bleach in the water is wrong. Putting pesticide in the wter is wrong and the fish farms have no right to be in ocean water because they make noise and produce crappy food. Everyone I know says the farmed atlantic salmon tastes terrible

DFO should let the First Nations regulate the water that wild salmon use. Wild salmon is their inheritance and DFO is ignorant of the Constitution and the rights of first nation people to eat.

I hope you will stop regulating fish farms and get them out of the ocaean Right now. DFO is our public servant not our king – this is a minority government and not representing the people well. This is wrong and DFO is wrong and salmon cannot be going the way of the Cod
Thank you
Priscilla Judd
148 Albers Rd
Lumby BC

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