Aug 30 2010

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I stumbled on Murray Dobbin’s blog and I couldn’t stop reading it. I hope you will check it out. Here is someone who can write what I’m thinking:

…the NDP has to take a strong and uncompromising stand against the cynical crime bills that Harper intends to re-introduce this fall. There are few more humiliating chapters in the NDP’s history than their previous support for these same offensive bills. To support them is to support incarcerating tens of thousands more Canadians — competing with the U.S. for a medal in moral failure — and accomplishing exactly nothing in terms of public safety.

It’s important to understand that supporting a new Remand Centre is to support the incarceration of tens of thousands more people than before Mr. Harper’s  “tough on crime” agenda..

June 29th post
Police states don’t appear full blown, over night.  They are, like any other social phenomenon, part of social and political process – the end result of long term corruption of the political culture and the incremental diminishing of democracy.  This is a process that has been taking place for at least twenty years in Canada and it should come as no surprise that the police in Canada are now willing to take actions – at the direction of the politicians – that escalate the threats to democratic expression and the intimidation of ordinary citizens.

As to flexing Mr.Harper’s military muscle:

…the NDP must come out with a clear attack on the outrageous level of defence spending this country now takes for granted, using the $16 billion order for fighter jets as its launching point. We now spend more on defence, proportionally, that at any time since the Second World War, and Harper intends to continue increasing the defence budget for the next 10 years, given the opportunity. Yet Canada has never been less likely to be the target of a military attack. And there is no appetite for U.S.-style pre-emptive wars against “terrorist” states.

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