Aug 26 2010

New CBC director and I sent him an e-mail – update

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Welcome to CBC.

I hope you will take a different perspective in your management of Public Broadcasting.  CBC has become a mouthpiece for the Conservatives with  reporters  like Chris Hall who always take the Conservative point of view as though there was some sanity in it – which there is not.

When public broadcasting is a voice for a minority political agenda – it is not public broadcasting it is propaganda! It happens most often in fascist or socialist Countries so I hope you will stop taking us any further in that direction.  I have stopped listening to CBC – my friends and I call it the CBC Noise.  Blah blah blah.

There isn’t an independent thought expressed on CBC these days.  Too many sensational stories about some disaster somewhere else creates a complacent Canadian public that is ignorant of important current issues right here in Canada.

There were about 500 murders in Canada (according to the cigarette packs) and 4,000 suicides yet murder tops the news in Canada  – except when the Olympics were on – then suddenly there wasn’t a thing wrong in Canada. Forget the sensationalism. The world is at the tipping point while our Prime Minister is creating a tar sand oil disaster and Europe is building passive heating systems in new homes and cars that make 240 miles on a gallon of gas!

We are in the darkest of ages – we have the poor sleeping in the streets like a banana republic and all CBC can do is tabloid journalism.

Stop electing Steven Harper – get rid of the Question period show and Chris Hall and all the other neo cons on CBC.

Get us the info we need to go about getting green and fast – I want a planet for my grandchildren but they won’t have one if the Conservatives sell it off in back room deals and free trade agreements with corporate agendas.

American public radio is hands down better than CBC and so is the Polish radio and BBC at night.  I hope you can salvage what you can and improve CBC  but if you can’t improve it – I don’t care if you go off the air.  You are already off the air in my house.

Best Wishes and Thank you for reading this
Priscilla Judd

When I pressed the send button I was informed that Friends of CBC also sent a copy to Prime Minister Stephen Harper – does it not appear suspicious when a prime Minister receives a copy of an e-mail that is going to the CBC director?

Click here to go to an article about Prime Minister Harper’s move to get FOX news north to promote his agenda.

Reply from Colin Mayes MP

Subject: RE: My suggestions for the CBC Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 15:15:19 -0400
From: Mayes.C at parl.gc.ca

Ms. Judd,

Thanks for the email. I appreciate receiving a copy of your letter to Mr. Lacroix and your comments regarding the CBC.

MP Colin Mayes

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