Aug 21 2010

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This blog site has about 5 of my posts – thanks! www.bcbloggers.com

Here is a blog with beautiful pictures: http://mysteahag.blogspot.com

This site about bees is interesting: www.vanishingbees.com

I haven’t been here yet but it sounds interesting: NorthernInsights

Here is a Guardian article about the Canadian astronaut who complained about Stephen Harper.

“We’re embarrassing the world,” Garneau said in an interview with The Guardian while in Charlottetown on Wednesday.

“Many countries look to Canada to show some leadership. With the Conservative government, all they’ve said is we’ll do what the Americans do. That’s a copout.

“Canada should be taking initiatives because it’s our responsibility as a modern country to do it … and because it makes good economic sense.”

Lumby Valley Times has an article about the recent visit by Michelle and Daniel of ripplerelay.ca

Thanks for posting a link to my blog at


  1. Marion

    Thank you for the link, Priscilla! And now I’m going to look through the rest of this very interesting looking blog!


    1. admin

      Hi Marion,
      I’ll be sure to revisit your pages – let me know what sparks your interest.
      Sharing with all the bloggers seems to be the new community.
      best regards,


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