Aug 13 2010

Dead Salmon

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foam and dirty water released into the Shuswap River

Two weeks ago some people living along the Shuswap River saw the highest number of salmon since 1994.  “All fish were well fed and nearly overfed”. The people were surprised at how fat the fish are today in comparison to years ago.

Last week they saw a number of dead salmon along the riverbank. Today a fisherman said that he had seen plenty of fish two weeks ago but not a single one can be seen. today.

Does anyone know what is is happening?

Someone suggested that the water is too warm, and someone else said that once a week, a spill of foam and dirty water enters the Shuswap River and it might be having an impact.

If anyone has any information about that, please leave a comment.

The above information was sent to me in an e-mail and of course I replied and asked where was the foam and dirty water coming from.

This was in the reply:
The dirty water is coming for 4 years, before that we never have had that kind of dirty spill. I contacted DFO 4 years ago, and they said it’s not important, it could be natural…as usual. Normaly, the spill with lots of foam is coming from late Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon. The dirty water comes from Bessette Creek into to Shuswap River. I took many pictures.

Very interesting :
As long as Salmon Season was open, no bad water coming down the river! It is managed, that is sure, and most of us think it is Village of Lumby.

Two years ago, I contacted [Eric Foster]the Mayor of Lumby [now the current MLA – in charge of fish) and explained him how the spill works, timing, how big and so on – for 5 months no bad water to see!

OK this has been on my website since August 13th. On the 23rd we met “fishy” people and the subject came up. The general opinion was that Lumby sewage is flowing into Bessette Creek.

Today there is an article in The Vernon Morning Star: reveals that Lumby’s sewage system is not is in compliance with BC’s Environment Ministry but they can keep on letting things seep into the rier or where ever it’s going until Lumby Council makes a plan to address it.

Lumby’s Mayor said: “The fact that it’s still working is great”

What is the Mayor saying? The facts given in the article say that Lumby is not in compliance therefore the system is NOT working. This is an example of why we have salmon that are endangered – the Ministry of Environment should put a stop to Lumby’s non compliance sewage system that likely seeps into the Bessette River. If they restricted the input Lumby would get it fixed tomorrow. How long will it take the Village to put together a plan?

I know of one complaint made about Lumby’s sewage that was seeping into Bessette over 30 years ago – nothing was done then – will anything be done now? Lumby Valley Times came in our mail yesterday and there was nothing in it about Lumby sewage. What’s that about?

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