Aug 12 2010

No Organic Fish Farms

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Let’s support our farmers growing food on farming land
let’s buy the food that is produced by local farming hands
let us praise this planet for the soil, sun and rain
and let it be organic agriculture we sustain

it’s not from fish farm feed lots that our hunger will be stayed
It’s not about employment that a fish farm might create
it’s not for the economy organic farmers grow
it concerns the cost to planet earth where organic standards go

it can’t be called organic when a pesticide is used
and fish farms growing sea lice need those products to produce
so let’s be sure that any fish that’s shipped from warehouse stores
is not from net pen fish farms that pollute the inlet shores

We won’t forget the reasons why we certify the land
protecting ocean water and the wild fishing stands
and we won’t be buying local fruit or bread or wine or meat
fish farms called organic make us think all farmers cheat

Right now the local farmers grow our food with local hands
We buy the food from certified organic farming land
We want organic principles in practice and in sight
and we don’t want feed lot fish farms with organic bragging rights

yup – this is my same poem changing as things become clearer.

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