Jul 01 2010

Impacts of Chile salmon farms

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Fish Farms operations kill Sea Lions

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute discovered that the salmon farms are a threat to sea lions and lo and behold the environmental NGO’s didn’t even know about it. This research is published in the latest Nature journal .

You can see doctoral student Heike Vester’s photo of a sea lion at the Fish Site. The animal was caught in a fish net when it was young and now it’s choking to death. This sort of international cruelty could be prevented if fish farms were on land.

Many open pen fish farms are beside Chile’s National Park but park protection doesn’t include the sea. As in Canada, Chile farms operate under Government regulations. They create a few jobs that prop up their economy with devastating impacts on the environment.

Fish farms spread disease, posing a risk to wild salmon. Medication and fish waste pollute the ecosystem.

Crowded conditions on salmon farms are a breeding ground for infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISA) that requires medications and pesticides. ISA caused salmon death and the farms were forced to shut down and move.

“The diseased fish were obviously not disposed of properly and, in some cases, simply sunk in the water in plastic bags,” reports Ms Vester.  Her photographs show discarded, dead and partly eaten salmon.

“It would appear that this is how the virus managed to enter the ecosystem,” concludes the biologist. “It is not possible to quantify the effects of this infestation on the native flora and fauna.”

“Large volumes of excess feed for the farmed fish and their faeces can be seen floating in the water.”

Norwegian fish farms in Canada release this same toxic feed directly into the water on the BC coast. (see my latest e-mail to Eric foster)

“Measurements taken prove that no forms of life now exist in direct proximity to the farms.

“No forms of life now exist in direct proximity to the farms”!

“The air there smells like bleach”

Fish farms in BC also use bleach to disinfect their equipment – what is that bleach doing to our coastal water?

Fish farm impacts on Whales and Dolphins

The noise from fish farm supply ships was measured.  The constant sound of the generators is so loud that it disrupts dolphin and whale communication and drives the animals away from their habitat. I suppose the noise prevents normal whale activity.

The Max Planck researchers are calling for an end to the problems with fish farms in the ocean.

I say get them into closed containment.  Alexandra Morton wants fish farms to GET OUT of our water. 17,000 people asked the Scottish Parliament to get the Fish Farms out of their ocean.  Americans are petitioning their Government to keep fish farms out.   Wherever there are fish farms – people wants them out! :  Get these farms out of our oceans! ASAP!

The Max Planck Institute researches complex systems from wide-ranging physics, information technology and biology. Their scientific research supports Alexandra Morton’s position that fish farms threaten wild salmon.

I used fishsite information for this post and you can read their very good article here:   Fish Site

Corporate Fish Farms and Oil Corporations will continue to make profit until there is no more ocean to support their operations. If fish farms keep polluting and oil wells keep spewing oil into the ocean – there will be no planet Earth.

When did the corporate stockholder get the right to destroy planet earth in the anticipation of profit?  Something is very wrong with global free market regulation!

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