Jun 30 2010

Canada – an equal opportunity – Lice friendly country

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Something new from Norway!
Nofima is developing something to deal with sea lice that plague Norwegian salmon farms. Norway salmon farms are in Canada too.

According to the article on fish site:

Nofima’s well established challenge models have long been used in trials on various types of virus and bacteria.

However, we know their models haven’t worked since Norway’s fish farms are spreading disease in Chile. (read my post and the article on fish site)

These now form the basis for a challenge model against salmon lice for better remedies. The model can amongst other things be used to test out different feed types with active ingredients that prevent against lice infestation.

Who cares that their drugs are flushed into our oceans by the tons?

Nofima and Tromsø Aquaculture Research Station have had large influx of requests from commercial actors [bad actors] for tests against salmon lice. “Consequently, we have taken steps to accommodate the industry,”

What good it this:

“We have purchased lice from the Institute of Marine Research which we are sure are not resistant to existing lice remedies.”

Problem lice are resistant lice – non resistant lice don’t need new and more powerful drugs for their “plague”. Resistance is the problem so why invent a drug for non resistant lice?

The scientists will test the lice in closed containment and then use it in the ocean. Do these people think we are idiots?

“…depending on the water temperature the lice develop…”

blah blah blah . Didn’t anyone tell them that the ocean temperature is not dependable?

You can read the complete article at:
TheFishSite News Desk

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