Jun 23 2010

"Something new from China!" emamectin benzoate (EB)

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Slice for killing sea lice in fish farms. It’s made in China and it’s toxic to bees and toxic to fish! I hope you check out this link and see for yourself. On the bottom of the web page it says:

Cuations: : High toxic to aquatic livings such as fish.


Here is a link sent to me by Eric Foster MLA to the Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat
where we learn that fish farms release SLICE directly into the ocean:

“Chemicals enter the aquatic environment during normal aquaculture practices.  They are released directly into the water column (pesticides, antifoulants and disinfectants) or in faeces and constituents of medicated food (drugs).”

These people make the stuff – if they say it’s toxic to fish  – it’s toxic to fish.

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