Sep 08 2013

Starting Monday September 9th – Show your support for independent media | No Strings Attached : Laila Yuile on politics and life in B.C.

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Laila Yuile provided support and coverage of BC Liberal’s Prison proposal for the Okanagan and currently, I am living in a prison free Lumby. Yes!

[notice]Thank you – Laila Yuile![/notice]


Remember the Sea to Sky shadow tolls?… Remember the credit card spending of Christy Clarks government?  That was first published by Laila Yuile.   The BC Ferries executive increase? Yes, that was first broken by Laila Yuile’s site via internal sources.

I encourage everyone to read Laila’s blog and act accordingly.

…to be very blunt – the  search for truth on both sides of the political spectrum –  has taken its toll…

Freelance work is declining and even some leftie media outlets have turned down my work. ( Think on that for a bit, won’t you? )…

It is because of all of this, and because I believe with everything in my heart that alternative, independent media sources are essential, that I have added a new page to my site: http://lailayuile.com/donate/

This link will now be a permanent page on this site, with the hope of generating enough donations to allow me to continue to research,investigate and publish stories here on this site.

I invite you to check out my new page, and consider supporting independent media in B.C.   http://lailayuile.com/donate/


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