Jul 22 2013

UPDATE: Censorship Like A Cancer Grows – Green Around the Gills

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SLAPP in the Face of Freedom of Speech!

The permanent injunction would not only apply to Don Staniford and the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture but also to ANY person or company aware of the injunction i.e. the general public and the media.  On the last day of the 20-day trial in 2012, Cermaq’s lawyers detailed the Draconian terms of the injunction – referred to  as the ‘No Future Defamation Term’:
Mark your calendars for 28 May – the day the Norwegian-owned company Cermaq (as represented in Canada by their subsiduaries Mainstream & EWOS) attempts to abuse the Canadian courts to muzzle global criticism of the salmon farming industry. The sound of silence emanating from the ‘Salmon Farming Kills’ lawsuit could be deafening.



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