Mar 17 2013

The Language of Oppression « Sister Sage’s Musings

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Sister Sages Musings is a great blog! If you haven’t been before read this great article by Kim. Click and read right to the bottom of the page where she points out that what’s happening right here – in Canada is on “our watch”


Our Scientists. Civil Servants. Librarians and Archivists (? Yes, you read that correctly, Librarians and Archivists). Our Members of Parliament. Journalists. Activists. Charitable and Environmental Orgs. Have I missed anyone?
I have a problem with the way muzzled gets used these days. In this Governments actions and in the casual way the word is used in the Press to describe Censorship. From now on, I’m going to call it like I see it. Censorship is being used by our Harper Regime Government.
Election irregularities.
In and out. Robocalls. Impersonating Elections Officers. Misdirecting voters to nonexistant polling stations. Voter suppression. Illegal Corporate donations. Parachuting vetted candidates into ridings. Collecting data on electors into CIMS. Attack ads. Using operatives from across the border (Front Porch Strategies). Illegal. Fraud. This is Elections Fraud and it is a Criminal Offence. So let’s not pussyfoot around this issue. Fraud is a Crime.

Read more here: http://sistersagesmusings.ca/2013/03/17/the-language-of-oppression/

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