Aug 17 2012

songs of Praise and Protest – CD

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Liner Notes:

100,000 Voices* Fundraiser – written for Alexandra Morton to get 100,000 voices speaking up to stop fish farms and to help Don Staniford raise $100,000 to defend himself from a Fish Farm SLAPP suit.

Shuswap Salmon Song – rewritten from my original “Adams River” song dedicated to Alex Morton.

Salmon are Sacred – the story of Alexandra Morton’s “Get Out Migration” that saw five thousand people march out to Victoria’s Legislature to protest Fish Farms.

Bread and Roses: based on a 1910 poem/song to protest working conditions in US textile mills.

Marching for Salmon

Marching for salmon - photo by Gordon Judd

Child: During Canada’s genocide against First Nation’s, I was shocked! to learn that children were forced into residential schools and beaten for speaking their native language.  Inspired by the Splatsin Language Program where Grandmother’s speak their native language with small children, I wrote this song.

Timothy DeChristopher grew up in the shadow of mountain top removal. Following his mother’s lifetime of protest against coal mining, Tim eventually interrupted the illegal sale of public land for the benefit of Coal Corporations. This song tells that story.

Merchants of Death: Death by carbon.

High-De-High: That’s all I’m going to say about that!

We used to…: Canadians live with Globalized Government to the demise of home and community.

NO-NO-NO: Protesting the Harper Government’s tar sands, pipelines and tankers plan.

O Canada: Inspired by Canada’s National Anthem, I wrote the last verse the day Jack Layton died and dedicated it to him. Almost a year later I realized it held a message for the Harper Government so we made it into a video.

My CD is published under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You are allowed to copy it with liner notes and share it as a gift. Please feel free to sing all songs in public (please mention my name and refer to liner notes). If you wish to use it in a commercial enterprise you must make arrangements with me. You may not alter the text, or add anything to the words or music except by permission. Thank you

All songs recorded by Gordon Judd (except *)

Written and performed by Priscilla Judd – hear them on a flash player: http://tinyurl.com/8e84t82

Guitar made by Gordon Judd

CD by Singing Light Productions

Click here to purchase my CD – thank you for supporting my music.


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  1. Calvin Johnson

    A great CD for everyone with a cause or not. I’m looking forward to your next release of songs.

    May you always be encourage by knowing a great many people stand with you in your efforts to showcase the injustices of greedy corporate polluters. Love and cheers.


    1. admin

      Thanks very much Calvin for your support! I’ve really enjoyed our conversations on twitter. See you there.


  2. Doug Marr

    Finally got around to it. Very good stuff.


    1. admin

      Thanks Rusty, glad you like it. See you later on twitter. Cheers!


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