May 31 2012

Public Outrage led to demise of flawed "Animal Health Act"- LANA Popham NDP Critic

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Public outrage over the proposed “Animal Health Act” has forced the BC Liberals to shelve the Bill.

Over the last few weeks, the Minister of Agriculture and the BC Liberals received a very public dressing-down because of this flawed legislation and I hope they learn a few lessons.

First, British Columbians refuse to turn a blind eye to government attempts to rush through deeply-flawed legislation.

Second, British Columbians are very concerned about potential animal disease outbreaks and how the government responds to them.

Third, British Columbians expect their government to follow our Freedom of Information law, and not to try and hide animal disease information from the public.

Fourth, British Columbians prize free speech and will not accept attempts to muzzle journalists and independent scientists.

Our success in stopping Bill 37 is a victory for those who spoke out against its draconian powers and indeed for everyone who values free speech and open government.


Lana Popham
MLA Saanich South and Opposition Critic for Agriculture

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