May 27 2012

#stopLawC37 keeping Farm Disease secret is unconstitutional

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As a matter of fact: Bill C-37 is a gag order to stop people like Alexandra Morton from talking about viruses and diseases in fish farm feed lots – and – since we know that diseased fish are being sold for consumption right here in BC. It’s a fact that after Bill C-37 gets passed you won’t have a clue what you are feeding your family.

The penalty for disclosing disease information? $75,000 FINE and PRISON That’s what the BC Liberal (Neo Conservative Corporate Government) wants.  They already have a “don’t know don’t tell policy” through an arrangement with the Federal Government to prevent information from reaching the public or the Courts.

Check out the Right to Farm Act a law that protects and allows agribiz . to do what ever they want  under the guise of “normal” and since the farmer determines what’s normal – anything goes.

Government Rewriting Laws Serving to Shut Us Down

Further to BC’s dictatorial amendment:  This International fish disease agency says that “disease information” should come “from all potential sources in the public and private sector…”  that would include people like Alex Morton and Anissa Reid who have gone out to the stores, sent the farmed salmon off to labs and found a fish farm virus that might be killing our wild salmon.


We need a petition to #stopLawC37 but in the mean time please sign the petition to get the diseased salmon out of BC grocery stores.

Go to: http://www.change.org/petitions/costco-and-safeway-we-don-t-want-to-eat-salmon-flu-or-heart-viruses

or sign at the top right hand side of this page.  Thanks very much.

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