May 15 2012

Wanted Alive! #BuyAFishTest_BeAHero $200 buys one #SalmonVirusFishTest – protect #WildSalmon http://www.gofundme.com/SalmonDiseaseTestingFund

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Wanted Alive! Farmed Fish Virus

Buy a Fish Test – Be A Hero – $200

catch the virus and change our world


Buy one $200 fish test and you could be the person who saves BC Wild Salmon.

CFIA refuses to accept Alexandra Morton’s positive test results for European fish viruses, because they were not found alive.  Canada launched a surveillance plan BUT the fish farms test their own fish. Who do you trust?

The CFIA testified at the Cohen Commission that if ISAv is acknowledged in BC major markets will be closed to famed salmon….  The implications are that Salmon Farms would then close down.

$200 buys one high quality lab test. If you believe that Wild Salmon are Canada’s national treasure – we are counting on you to contribute. Thanks very much


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