May 08 2012

Cherry Ridge Mud Slide – Tolko Clear Cut Logging & Climate Impacts

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In 2011, when Tolko got approval to log Cherry Ridge, the people of Cherryville protested. Tolko organized a tour of the site to ease their concerns.

On the day of the tour almost the whole community came out to see the plan. In order to reduce tour numbers, Tolko demanded everyone wear a hard hat which they provided. Tim Staker took his video camera.

Tolko logged in the fall and over winter.

On April 24th, 2012 after two warmer than normal days, a creek in the clearcut brought a lot more than water down the ridge to the residents living below. Seems the hard hats were a sign of things to come.

The day after the slide, Tim Staker packed his camera and hiked up the creek. Gordon Judd edited the footage to tell Tim’s story.

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