Apr 28 2012

Restore Canada – reject Harperland

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Since 2006 the Government of Canada has systematically undermined democracy and human rights- deliberately silenced individuals and organizations who raise concerns or disagree with government – weakened Canada’s international standing. The impacts in Canada are unparalleled.

READ THE FULL PETITION TEXT HERE: http://petition.voices-voix.ca/en/sign-the-petition

United, we call upon the Government of Canada to:

1. Respect the right to freedom of opinion and expression


  • Cease to deliberately target those who speak out against government policies with the use of smear campaigns, dismissal from employment, funding cuts, blatant and subtle threats, regulations designed to obfuscate and prevent public debate, and other acts of bad faith.
  • Commit to parliamentary hearings that address widespread concerns about the loss of democratic space in Canada.

2. Act in accordance with Canada’s democratic traditions and values


  • Actively promote and support political diversity and public debate, instead of avoiding it.
  • Recognize and respect the vital role, expertise, and necessary independence of civil society organizations.

3. Be transparent


  • Demonstrate full respect for and accountability to the Parliament of Canada and the Canadian People.
  • Allow complete access for Canadians to information regarding public policy decisions.
  • Base funding decisions for government and civil society organizations on fair standards and democratic principles, instead of partisan agendas.

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  1. Judyth Mermelstein

    Please bear in mind that the Canadian people have entrusted you with the powers of government so that you may act in the interests of *all* Canadians and the longterm wellbeing of the nation. To that end, please consider withdrawing the very complex and contentious Bill C-38 so as to divide it into separate bills, subject to the scrutiny of the appropriate parliamentary standing committees and a full and fair discussion in Parliament.


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