Apr 16 2012

OK Mr Oliver get your foreign money out of our prison system

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Since Mr Joe Oliver and PM Harper reject the idea of foreign money coming into Canada to move us in a certain direction, maybe Mr Oliver and PM Harper can walk the walk and get the GEO Group out of Ottawa.


Ad while we are on the subject of US money – Maybe we should have heard a little bit more about  Governor General, David L. Johnston before we accepted him as our new “Head of State”…

Check it out – the bio on the PM’s website praises Mr.Johnston’s academic accolades but there’s no mention of CGI Board Member David L. Johnston.

No – you have to hunt for it – look a bit farther – CGI gets a brief mention here:  http://pm.gc.ca/eng/media.asp?id=3535

Read this:
CGI Announces that David L. Johnston Will Resign from its Board of Directors

then if you have the time check out this link:

And if haven’t already read the 1994 book: “On the Take” you should! It’s Canada’s History.

Finally: put this in your google search: “David L. Johnson Governor General CGI” and see how many matches you get? 2 -not too much bragging going on eh?

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