Apr 07 2012

Send your views on #Gateway_Pipeline to #N.E.B. & #Enbridge

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Letters of Comment or send them your Song

If you want to share your views on the Enbridge pipeline with the National Energy Board you can do so by submitting a letter of comment to the Secretary of the NEB. You must also send a copy of this letter to the applicant.

A letter of comment should include your view on the project and information to support our view.

SEND YOUR LETTER NOW – because the Harper Government is trying to shorten the process so time limits could change without notice.

Here is link to the National Energy Board electronic form:

Here is a link to Enbridge e-mail Contact Form:


If you want to send a song you must put it on a CD and post it to both the Energy Board and Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc and I have posted both addresses below:

Joint Review Panel – Enbridge Northern Gateway Project
444 Seventh Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 0X8

Norther Gateway Pipelines Inc

Kitimat Office :
Norther Gateway Pipelines Inc
253 City Centre
Kitimat, BC  V8C 1T6

Vancouver Office :
Norther Gateway Pipelines Inc
Box 50, One Bentall Centre
Vancouver, BC  V7X 1M4

Calgary Office :
Norther Gateway Pipelines Inc
3000, 425 1st Street SW
Calgary, AB  T2P 3L8

Need more Enbridge info?
Toll Free Number: 1-888-434-0533
Email: info(at)northerngateway.ca

When you send your comment don’t forget to include information to support your view.

“Letters of comment will be taken into consideration during the hearing process. They will not be considered sworn evidence and are not subject to questioning. As a result, letters of comment may not be given the same weight as sworn evidence in a hearing, although the weight of the letters depends on a number of factors, including the content. ”

“All letters of comment become public documents once they have been submitted. They will be available on the NEB website and copies are sent to all parties participating in the hearing.”

OK everyone – let’s spread the word – everyone gets to be heard by letter or email or song – send one copy of your views to the NEB Hearing Panel and one to the Enbridge Corporation.  Send them your views ASAP.

Let’s get this done!

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