Apr 06 2012

Captain of the Runabout #poem

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You could hardly call it morning
but past the dead of night
when Captain of the Runabout
set out to meet the light

the parking lot was empty
the mist was soaking down
the sun came up along the place
where water creatures drown

silence almost deafening
so the gear did clatter loud
when Captain of the Runabout
saw caddy in the sound

serpentine and graceful
with a wake that followed long
humping up behind it’s head
the caddy looped in hoops and strong
it must be going 40 knots and 15 meters long

behind a tail like devil’s rake
she cut across the bay and
bumped upon the caddy’s wake
in meeting simple play

oh she knew she’d never talk
about the one that got away
when Captain of the Runabout
had a most exciting day

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