Mar 31 2012

Pls RT: pledge $5 to buy a line in MyValleySun.com Publish your positive affirmation

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There’s always good news…

People from all over the world are amazed at My Valley Sun. What a great small town online news venue… The print and online version of the Monashee 150 Year Almanac is moving forward with success.  You can read the great articles or buy some advertising.

But sometimes there’s bad news…

Everyday for a year now, a small team of people struggle with bringing enough sponsorship support to MVS to keep this news site going. As of this weekend MVS hits the wall. Without capturing financial targets by this Sunday, April 1st, it’s no joke, MVS will be unplugged Monday morning at 9am. Shortfall this month: $1200, so if you and your friends can help us with covering this shortfall by this Sunday, MVS keeps going. You can contact Don by phone at the Discovery Centre at 250.547.9812 or by email.

It’s Don’s hope that there’s at least a small group of dedicated people who see the value of independent media and real news reporting on local issues.  Thank you – Don Elzer – MyValleySun.com

After reading this, I called Don to see if there were other ways I could help. He said:

“send me some good energy”

OK – Here’s my idea:

[notice]Pls RT: pledge $5 to buy a line in www.MyValleySun.com Publish your positive affirmation – goal is $1200[/notice]

here’s my affirmation:

[important]I stand for clean water on our planet! [/important]

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