Mar 29 2012

Inaugural Lumby Area D discussion meeting

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The evening turned out better than I had expected. We arrived with enough time to take in the Advisory Planning Commission. Heard how they review zoning and permit applications in accordance with the OCP.

APC Meeting – video link here: Discussion concerned a forester’s report of new helli-ski operations currently flying into Area D and E. Committee members wondered if the grammatical errors and flippant assurances of self regulation hinted at a lack of interest, respect or integrity of the process. What does Lumby Area D and E get in return for tolerating noise and fuel storage in our watershed? In case of avalanche or helicopter accident – who manages search and rescue? What environmental precautions are being taken? Those questions will be sent back to the Province with a request for further information. After that…

Rick Fairbairn opened and chaired the inaugural Lumby discussion meeting.

Don Elzer made a presentation on governance: He began with several large maps, that detailed how the prairies were created by homesteaders so “deeded” sections of land, with long straight roads built by farmers put 95% of the land in private hands so that’s why the tax base in the Prairies is large enough to support rural municipalities. (One half of the remaining 5% was given to the railway)

On the other hand, by way of lease and tenure agreements, BC was settled by miners and loggers leaving 95% of BC’s land in the hands of the Province. Stumpage, mineral rights and other tenure payments go to the Province leaving rural areas with only a small tax base impoverishing rural municipalities.

Don pointed out that the current Liberal Government recently changed legislation so that land proposals are now negotiated directly between the province and various applicants who have an interest in using Provincial land. That’s why the Province is making a decision on helli-skiing, not the Regional District or residents in Area D and E.

After a bit of discussion it was decided that there is sufficient interest in holding a workshop to discuss various local government models as well as develop a plan for changes to actual governance which might be achieved within the next ten years. So, long term discussion and planning is in the works. RDNO will provide some information and planners to assist in the workshop. Times and dates will be determined and in the meantime check out the NEW OCP, available for download (or purchase) at www.RDNO.ca

Don Elzer’s presentation on Governance here: http://vimeo.com/39525177

Community Forests: What are they and what does it mean for Area D to have the Village of Lumby (with no land in Area D) own and operate a “green timber” business here in Area D?

Community Forests are often a place where people within the community can go to a sort yard and select a log for a secondary manufacturing purpose. Which sounds good to me since we have processed 20 logs into top quality musical instrument tone wood – selling value added spruce all over the world.  But Lumby hasn’t finished organizing their forest business – so all the facts are not available.

The main thing that the Community Forest will bring to the Village is money. Apparently the logs will to to Enderby. The Village will receive payments from Tolko or local log haulers but they will also have to pay for a forester and reforestation and other expenses such as environmental damage.

People with tenure of Crown Land for grazing cattle were specifically asked if they had concerns about the community forest and Director Fairbairn was asked if Area D was interested in this new plan.  We heard that risk is high and since the owner pays for losses, he needs more information to take to his community. As the project details come to light, we can expect some more info on this project and there may be some room for Area D still to be involved.

The area to be logged is located off Trinity Valley Rd behind the environmental reserve.

Community Forest discussion here: http://vimeo.com/39523333

 [important]This year is 150th year Anniversary of the Monasheee Trail   please support the Almanac and My Valley Sun – local online NEWS[/important]

Telus Broadband: Yes broadband ADSL should be coming to rural Lumby and Cherryville through the telephone lines by the fall 2012.  NORD supports this initiative and is currently looking for funds. So if you are slow speed dial up – help is on the way.

ADSL Broadband discussion here: http://vimeo.com/39522367

Vegetated Sand Beds:  New England Waste Systems – a natural solution for cleaning waste water: Presented by Priscilla Judd.

I explained the VSB underground wetland system, that it cleans waste water without using chemicals or electricity. That unlike lagoons or traditional waste water systems it has no smell or mosquitoes. Various applications for VSBs include agribiz and slaughter house waste water, sewage and dump leachate – all manageable with VSBs.

I pointed out two advantages to Lumby: Unserviced industrial land can deal with their own waste by installing a VSB and sewage lagoons could be converted to VSBs and that would reduce discharge into Bessette Creek.

VSB materials are not expensive: gravel, PVC pipe and plants but developing the skills to install the VSBs will cost some money, Transportation for the developer Dr.Ron Lavigne to come here to teach us s well as permits and other business expenses.

I said that I could not afford to start this business myself and wondered if a co-op or a non profit or finding an ongoing business would be the best idea. I noted that in every case where I could apply to use this system only an organization was allowed to apply to the Government.

Currently I’m enrolled in a series of NORD workshops where I will learn the inter government relations in the management of water. So that I hope will be important in my quest to start cleaning up our water woes here in the North Okanagan.

This would be a Green industry for Lumby since there is endless pollution to clean up and we have the expert ready to help us get started.

N.E.W.S. presentation here: http://vimeo.com/39521528

Welcome: Meet Leda Cedar a new resident in Area D bringing her skills to Lumby with a course on self care for women around the time of menopause.Check out her website here: Leda Rose the Guide
Leda Cedar’s presentation here: http://vimeo.com/39520753

At the end of the meeting everyone introduced themselves and that was the really great inaugural discussion meeting. Next Meeting will be Tuesday April 24 – 7PM

Greetings and best wishes (from out of town) came from Randy and Lorelei who are, for the 3rd year in a row, hosting a Wild Salmon Festival in Lumby. I’m sure we will hear more about that in an upcoming meeting.

The BEE Safe program was not able to provide a report but they are actively selling signs and running organic workshops in the Village on ways to keep the Bees safe.

Like them on Facebook and check out their website: http://www.beesafemonashees.org/

Thanks for a great meeting


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