Feb 17 2010

e-mail from Bill Chu

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Received on February 5th, 2010

Hi Priscilla:

I called the Siska Band again today and found out the situation with them are indeed serious particularly with the elderly and the young. They are busy trying to get some beef from interior bands and so are happy to hear about your gift of over 100 cans of salmon.

To shorten the longer trip to the Canyon, they suggest the delivery of the cans can be made to Meritt at the Nicola Tribal Council Office. The address there is #202, 2090 Coutlee Ave.. The Tribal band office number is 250-378-4235 and a contact name is Tracy although others in that office were made aware that someone from your direction will be delivering cans of salmon within a week or so.

I am copying this email to Art Manuel, an aboriginal friend I know for years who lives relatively close to you. He is kind enough to pick up and deliver the cans to Meritt ( initially he is willing to go many extra miles by going to Siska but since the Siska Band made the above arrangement, all he has to do is to drop it off at Meriitt which will be more along his way to Vancouver). So via this email, I am introducing the two of you so that you two can connect and make the appropriate pick up arrangement.

For Pricilla, you may wish to add a letter/note with the cans of salmon so that the ultimate recipients will also be encouraged by the thoughts and love from ones far away. Thank you both of you for your willingness to help with an almost unknown suffering.

May God bless the merciful,

Bill Chu

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