Mar 24 2012

It's Done – Thomas Mulcair leads the New Democrats in Canada

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It was a long race – from the start Thomas Mulcair was predicted to win by the pundits. Nathan Cullen ran a great campaign and I think all the Candidates (except Martin Singh) expected to win.

As you can see by my blog posts, I was hoping for Nathan Cullen to lead the party. Sure I’m disappointed but now we move on, watch our Loyal Opposition take it’s place in the House of Commons. The NDP will take down the Harper Conservatives in 2015 so we can’t let up our pressure on #CPC political wrongs here in Canada.

Together supporting Mr.Mulcair and all our great #NDPldr ‘s our New Democrat boots on the ground will make the difference.

I was going to take all my Nathan Cullen posts down but there’s lots of solid info in them so I’ll leave them up for now.

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