Mar 15 2012

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Some of the most powerful oil companies in the world are pushing to bring supertankers to B.C.’s coast:

from the Tyee:

MEG Energy Corp, a small oil sands developer partly owned by the China National Offshore Oil Corp., (CNOOC), as well as China’s state-owned Sinopec, also known as the China Petroleum & Chemical

From the Globa and Mail:

Cenovus Energy Inc., Nexen Inc. (which has partnered with CNOOC Ltd. on the Long Lake oil sands project), Suncor Energy Marketing Inc., and Total E&P Canada, the domestic arm of French giant Total SA.

These Oil Corporations would jeopardize the livelihoods of tens of thousands of BC Citizens and the stability of the great bear rainforest and southern gulf islands ecosystems in the name of profit. We can hold them back and keep our water systems healthy and livelihoods secure, but it’s going to take size and diversity.

Please, join me and sign the petition at www.notankers.ca calling on the BC and Canadian government to halt oil tanker traffic expansion on B.C.’s coast.

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