Mar 14 2012

economics 101 – refine oil and gas in Canada for Canadians #No_pipeline #No_tankers

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Hi Rich

I understand that Nathan Cullen wants to close down the pipeline/tanker plan and stop “rapid expansion” of the oil sands. To constantly fill pipelines and super tankers means huge rapid expansion of tar sands. Tar sand extraction could be slowed to create jobs here refining the stuff. Economics 101?

There’s evidence that we have other ways to trade – refine our own natural resources and create secondary industries – if China can refine – why can’t we? If you’re interested in talking to Nathan – he will absolutely listen to your constructive ideas on how Canadians can benefit from tar sand or any other resource extraction industry.  All Canadians have a voice with him – that’s why he’s so popular – possibly why he seems to be the leading candidate.

Some of my friends voted Conservative in the last election and I know he would not just turn them just because they voted Conservative in the past – how can he expect to do anything without working with people from all political perspectives? How could he grow his party if people (like me) come from another party to join?  Nathan won’t deride people who vote differently (unlike some candidates who reject working with anyone whose not an NDP member) It’s too bad they can’t see the benefit of consensus building.  Well, that gets Nathan Cullen big support from thousands of people from all over Canada. Nathan’s campaign theme is #worktogether

Re: Canadian tar sand spill:  In the past five years, Metro Vancouver has seen two pipeline spills in Burnaby (in 2007 and 2009) and, in January 2012

The interesting thing about tar sand came from the largest spill of heavy Bitumen (in the US) where they say it might actually be impossible to clean it up – ever! Yikes – we need to look at the consequence of transporting this stuff.

And to my fellow Vernonite:

I wouldn’t call myself fanatical – more like pragmatic. Old enough to see how we got here – able to recognize mistakes and think about change for future generations. I am not Green enough to demand that truckers stop driving our highways but I am into Science finding new ways to run autos and trucks.

There are inventions but we overlook them because oil and gas are easier.  Early cars were designed to run on straight alcohol but that was changed to gas and that’s why the Gas Industry supported prohibition – to develop and maintain fuel industry because people were distilling their own fuel (that was a cheap way to power cars eh?). Could we go back to that? I don’t know but I’m willing to look at other ideas. I heard that some engines can run on water? Gee – I’d like a car like that – all credible ideas are worth a look.

Since gabbyinqc is interested in US funding people who work for political ends – you might want to check out foreign funding that went to climate skeptics: http://www.canada.com/technology/Feds+discreet+about+foreign+funding+climate+skeptics/6290316/story.html 

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