Mar 14 2012

Lumby's Community Forest?

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A Problem in our Local Forests? An open letter to Patrick Star
from SpongeBob SquarePants

Dear Patrick,
While I understand that you live under a rock, I’m sending you this letter because I need your help because I’m frustrated with the way our forests are being managed in the rural areas of British Columbia and the fact that the residents of Bikini Bottom are unaware of what’s happening.

Gary and I have discussed this matter in great detail and have decided that we need your help so that we can expose the shell game that’s happening within the BC forest inventory. I am cc’ing Sandy Cheeks so that she can help gain greater public awareness because the problem is very sinister in nature.

Perhaps you know all of this already. Nevertheless, here’s why the inventory is a guessing game, I will describe what’s happening in a series of steps or points as follows:

1. A large forest company has a tree farm license they manage for the crown. They have this license for an endless period of time. They present to the government and the public a five year plan which then might be considered being part of a larger 20 or 30 year management plan.

2. The company harvests a certain allocation which then coincides with the crown harvesting targets over that same five year period.

3. The company implements a reforestation strategy that seeks to replenish the forest over 20-30 years. At the same time it manages land-use within that same period in order to nurture that forest so future harvesting can occur. Ideally, harvesting happens appropriately over this timeframe.

From this point things are going amiss… READ MORE HERE: http://www.myvalleysun.com/
then click on the coloured picture BIG ACTION from SpongeBob SquarePants

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