Mar 13 2012

@NathanCullen next Leader of Canada's Official Opposition #ndpldr

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Something I was taught in Business Admin: Whether it be praise or derision – any press is good press for making a product popular.

Today I read a blog deriding Nathan Cullen’s position on Enbridge and that’s a sure sign that Nathan Cullen and his #worktogether campaign has given a few #CPC people the blues.

There may be other blogs but this is the first attack blog that I’ve come across and that blog just might be helping to popularize Nathan Cullen our BC Candidate for #NDPldr – so check them out leave your respectful comment and thank them for the press.

We intend to win this campaign and don’t forget – many West Coast Conservative voters do not support the Enbridge Pipeline either so please be polite.

The pipeline has united BC and Nathan Cullen is standing up for all of us including quite a few Conservatives.

Let’s save the oil in the ground for Canada’s future use. When and if Canada needs it – that’s the time to dig it up and refine it – keep the jobs here and sell the oil and gas to Canadians. Why sell it to China so they can have lower gas prices that we have?

Local jobs make local products so all of us can shop local!

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