Mar 29 2012

Great Meeting: Lumby Area D – March 28th – 7 PM Library Building

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We had a great meeting last night. Thanks to everyone for coming out. I’ll be posting a summary and video is coming for those who couldn’t make it.

[important]Agenda (so far – not in any particular order)[/important]



Community Forests – what are they? what’s happening in Lumby and Cherryville’s community forests?

A presentation on Governance

Welcome LedaCedar – a new Counsellor in Lumby

Bee Safe report

Anyone interested in a local Co-op?

New England Waste Systems – a natural pollution solution

ADSL Broadband for rural Lumby




Every month Area D representative Director Rick Fairbairn holds a meeting called: Whitevalley Parks and Recreation and that’s what the meeting is about because NORD is responsible for Parks and Recreation. Director Fairbairn also holds an APC meeting in Lumby. Same place (Library Building – Community Hall) different time.

This is a revision of a previous post called Town Hall Meeting because Director Fairbairn felt it gave the wrong impression – sorry about that 🙂

Why is it so difficult to keep track of what goes on in Area D? Well here’s a bit of info: Director Rick Fairbairn represents 2,837 people – he receives over 100 e-mails a week. Has no personal secretary, no personal office in the NORD building. If you want to meet Director Fairbairn at NORD’s Office in Vernon, he can find space for that.

Contrast that with Lumby Village – population: 1,634 represented by 4 councilors, a Mayor and full office staff. It’s not hard to see why it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on in rural Lumby. So, that’s the idea of meeting regularly to talk about what’s important to people in Area D. Maybe we can develop an internet newsletter.

Cherryville is represented by Director Eugene Foisy with a population of 934 residents who are also involved in Lumby initiatives.

You can read about Area D and E at www.NORD.ca for background info but it’s almost hopeless with everything being in PDF format so that’s where the idea came from of having access to our Director in Lumby.

[important]On March 28th at 7 PM Director Fairbairn will provide the space for an Introductory Discussion Meeting.
It’s NOT a Town Hall Meeting (the room is too small!)[/important]

At this meeting you can bring your reports on what you are doing and bring your ideas that you want to work on developing. From there Rick will get information you need and we can also decide what in-depth ideas we want to discuss next month.

[important]Area D – Lumby – NOT a town hall meeting – DISCUSSION AGENDA.
Presentations expected to be around 5 minutes each.
Director Fairbairn: will chair the meeting.
Lumby Independent Media will be there.[/important]

Lumby Community Forest – What is a community forest. A brief introduction to community forests. Someone from Cherryville – on what’s happening there?

A report by Don Elzer who will be requesting information and a future meeting on this topic.

Lumby Council voted down the idea that rural residents should not sit on Council.  http://vimeo.com/channels/lumbywatch

High Speed Broadband Internet for Rural Lumby: TODAY e-mail Leah Mellot RDNO asking RDNO to support the initiative that could see Telus give us High Speed access to the Internet through the telephone lines. How good is that? Say why the Internet matters to you. Ask your kids and neighbors to submit a letter or any contact who wants High speed ADSL Broadband. Someone will give an update on how this local initiative is going.

email here: leah(dot)mellott@rdno(dot)ca
[Don’t forget to put your own dots in Leah’s e-mail address]

Bee Safe is happening with an office in the Lumby Village -check it out – http://www.sensociety.org/?q=BeeSAFE a presentation by Jane Emlyn – buy a sign and support the Bee Safe program.

A co-op for Lumby: Business proposal for micro development. A short presentation on the benefits of organizing for local development opportunities.

Pollution Solution: New England Waste Systems – alternate technology for dealing with waste water – re-mediate pollution in Bessette and/or Lumby industrial land?

Electoral Boundaries: Does anyone want to look into alternate ways to structure electoral boundaries? If so – what are those other ways? Village and Area D in one council? an Independent Municipality? Further meetings could be arranged to look various options, costs, speakers, benefits and drawbacks.  Electoral reform is a big issue at all levels of government.


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