Mar 12 2012

Guest Professor speaks today Shubert Centre in Vernon

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UPDATE: I received notice from the Green Party that this event was “non partisan” however, they had a big table with all kinds of Green info spread out!  BUT did it do any good?

The speaker was on about putting GST on all food products because #caviar is not taxed and in his mind, the revenue from caviar would help reduce debt and help average people. HUH?

Come on Greens – tell me you aren’t signing up people to support that rot?

For an in-depth look at weird ideas that are likely promoted by the 1%  check out:

My Valley Sun.
Dennis Milligan, (longtime expert in alternative economics and particularly on how money is created) – comments on Dr. Ross Hickey’s presentation.

[important]Guest Professors’ is a non-partisan public information series hosted by the Okanagan-Shuswap Green Partywww.okshuswapgreens.ca or 250-260-5877 Admission by donation – 3505 30th Ave. Vernon[/important]

[notice]TODAY-  March 12th – 7:00pm  – Schubert Centre – 3505 30th Ave – Vernon [/notice]

[warning]Taxation, CEO Salaries & Leveling Income Inequality[/warning]

What are the OCCUPY people complaining about?
Ross Hickey
A teacher of tax & public Economics at UBC, Professor Hickey (PhD) reveals (in)equities and opportunities in Income Tax, HST & the International Financial Transaction Tax. He provides insights about corporate governance and offers tools for effective income distribution in a post-OCCUPY world where capitalism is reformed.

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