Mar 10 2012

Bill C-11 – Don't copy that video but it's OK to #robocall

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[warning]The Harper Conservatives are getting ready to pass a Copyright Act that has one of the most restrictive digital lock provisions in the world. This bill will make it illegal to copy a DVD so you can watch it on your tablet – even if you are not infringing on copyright.[/warning]

Liberals have listened to consumers, educators, artists, creators, innovators, and ordinary Canadians and acted transparently to propose amendments that strike equilibrium.

I presume the New Democrats were listening as well…

In just 72 hours, Bill C-11 will be reviewed clause-by-clause in a Special Committee before being passed.  This is our last chance to amend this bill and defend users’ rights. But we need your help to make them law. Now is the time to stand up for fair and balanced legislation.

[notice]That’s where you come in. [/notice]

We have seen in recent months that, when we unite, the Harper Government takes note.


[important] Please click here to sign right now – and tell the Conservative Government that it should not be illegal to circumvent a digital lock for a purpose that does not infringe on copyright [/important]

Share the petition on Facebook and Twitter before the committee meets.

Tell the Committee: user rights trump digital locks



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