Mar 06 2012

To: The Delegation of Leaders from #Norway

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Alexandra Morton is once again standing up for Salmon here in BC.  Apparently, there is a Norweigan delegation visiting BC.

We want you to know there is one run of Fraser sockeye have not declined. They are designated BC’s first “salmon stronghold”. They are the Harrison sockeye and they migrate southward to sea via a salmon feedlot-free route. The fish are telling us what we need to know about impact of salmon feedlots in BC. We want all BC wild salmon to migrate to sea without passing your salmon feedlot sewage over their gills.

To read more – check out her blog:

Bessette Sockeye - Gordon Judd photo

Bessette Sockeye - Gordon Judd photo

So I wrote a letter too:

From: Priscilla Judd
To: emb.ottawa@mfa.no, tobias.frambe.svenningsen@mfa.no, nor-congeneral@telus.net, royalnorwegianconsulate-victoria@shaw.ca
Sent: Tue, 6 Mar 2012 23:02:21 -0800
Subject: International and Interparliamentary Affairs  DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS

To the Delegation of Leaders from Norway:

On March 8, you are traveling to Quadra Island to meet with John Duncan, MP, and representatives from First Nations that agree with your salmon feedlot corporations. I appreciate that you show respect for some First Nations. However, there are other First Nations who know that your industry threatens their food supply. Quadra Island is in the middle of the largest wild salmon migration route in Canada and those salmon do not belong to you or the Bands that live there.

Wild salmon are the mainstay food for BC Inland First Nations people – people with a Constitutional Right to wild salmon before anyone else in Canada.  I know that a decline of wild salmon caused hunger and near starvation for many First Nation Communities in 2009.  I was outraged by that.  I was collecting canned salmon to help feed them while they arranged to get cattle after the salmon did not return up river. That was not a satisfactory replacement or a pleasant situation.  In my opinion it was a human rights abuse and if wild salmon become extinct, I and many others will be asking the International Court to investigate a crime of forced starvation by Canada and Norway who have not done enough to protect the wild food that is their right.

Recently Canada Commissioned an Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon and I learned that in 2004 there was a Government cover-up of ISA virus in our wild Sockeye salmon.  The Stó:lo Nation was never even informed that all the Cultus Sockeye tested positive for ISA.  Now I have heard that a Chilean ISA outbreak was traced to a Norwegian fish hatchery and last year after the European ISA virus was discovered in our wild salmon, biologists began working to trace that virus back to its source. I understand there will be litigation when that source is found.

I also heard that your salmon farms sell into into China, because the Chinese won’t buy from Norway and now you want Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg to sell into China the fish farmed right here in BC.  I think our first Nations have a prior right to food here before people in China. Your industry is a serious problem for many many people.  Why should our people sacrifice our wild salmon to profit Norway? I no longer trust the  Canadian government to protect wild salmon since I learned they hid ISA virus from the Salmon Inquiry.

With respect, I am asking that you advise your corporations to remove their fish farms from BC waters. This is a shared planet and your corporations are polluting the water here.

Thank You

Priscilla Judd

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