May 11 2010

My e-mail to United Nations Environment Programme Link:Conservation Commons

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I found your website because we (in British Columbia Canada) have signs on every salmon river to “protect our heritage” . However, wild salmon are not protected, many rivers are extinct with salmon and right now we have 9 million lost sockeye salmon and a public inquiry into that matter. In spite of the threats to wild salmon the Government is not taking the problem seriously. Trying to prove that things like farmed salmon sea lice are not a threat to the wild salmon. I rather doubt that wild salmon are on your list because that would mean that Canada would have to actually do something rather than let the pacific salmon go extinct as they did with the Atlantic cod.

I am not asking for money – I am asking you to put pressure on Canada to help protect what is left of the wild salmon – Please contact Alexandra Morton – a biologist who is trying to raise awareness here in BC. See her videos at http://salmonaresacred.org

People think that Canada is a democracy, a country with the rule of law – but that is not the case. We have movable justice – the law is used to support corporate democracy for big business at the expense of people (like the First Nations who were starving last winter because there was not enough salmon) and the environment where toxic oil operations are allowed to poison first nations people, the Athabaska river and the ocean.

Salmon need intervention now – with so much time consuming discussions – more salmon are dying every day.

Please start a dialogue with Alexandra who knows more than I do.


Please, at least answer this e-mail.

thank you very much

Priscilla Judd


Thank you for your email and your interest in the Centre.

UNEP-WCMC provides policy-makers with vital knowledge on global trends in conservation and sustainable use of wildlife and their habitats, and is not a campaigning organisation.

On a personal level I wish you all the very best with the campaign.

Kind regards
Gillian Warltier

Information Office

219 Huntingdon Road
Cambridge CB3 0DL

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