Mar 06 2012

Lumby Council Meeting Last Night

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Well, “that went about as well as could be expected!”  Better actually! As in Wallace and Gromit – through the bizarre to outrageous – right doing prevails.

Seriously though – what a difference a few good Council Meetings make to the lives of people in Lumby. Last night’s meeting. What a great way to run a community. Good for Mayor Acton who listened to his Council and conducted his meeting with respect and civility.

“Lumby Watch” community video was there to record for those who couldn’t make it out to the meeting. It takes a fair bit of time to process the files but the meeting should be on the Internet in a few days.

Elinor Turrell’s motion on excluding Lumby Area D residents from sitting on Council – was defeated.

Put down the weapons let’s call a truce. You might have noticed that 68 posts rejecting the proposed prison are off my website now – let me know if I missed any. It’s time to rebuild the face of our community. More on that soon and some exciting news from the weekend.


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