Feb 28 2012

OK-ECO workshop – Rocked!! #Cohousing #Lumby

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The Okanagan ECO village (OK-ECO.com) The “Getting It Built Workshop” with Charles (“Chuck”) Durrett and Katie McCamant was a great success. Apparently everyone “Rocked it!” Chuck and Katie both noticed the sophisticated awareness and insight that participants brought to the table.

While most groups start of with a goal of Cohousing – OK-ECO has a specific Vision for health and creativity, self-sustainability with organic food security and all of this supported by science and technology. OK-ECO will utilize Cohousing as a means to fulfill that vision and create community. Throughout the workshop, everyone worked on consensus-based decision making.

Workshop participants had extensive knowledge on a wide range of topics with useful skills and an awareness and respect for the Official Community Vision. What an amazing and wonderful group of cool, successful people!

For those who could not attend… or wished you had been there – don’t worry – if you are one of those cool people who missed out – you can still be a part of the development process. You can still contribute your energy to create a Lean, Clean, Green ECO-Village Machine… OK-ECO is focused on understanding and participating in the local culture and in protecting the wildlife and ecosystem especially regarding Bessette Creek.

OK-ECO will reflect ideas that each individual and household brings to the table. Specific dreams, wishes, needs and material understanding becomes part of this Cohousing project. Finally the overall design, shape, materials, look and feel of OK-ECO will exactly reflect the needs, desires and concerns of each person within the ECO-Community. Wow – that’s a cool idea!

OK-ECO is gearing up to propel itself into the next step in a successful development project. For more info please email OK.ecovillage(AT)gmail.com


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