Feb 20 2012

Only village residents should be allowed a seat on Lumby council?

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According to some sources Elinor Turril believes only village residents should be able to hold elected office in the Village of Lumby and she’s going to this evening’s council meeting to ask that a motion to that effect be presented to SILGA.

I think this is something Area D should have a voice in so since I am away right now, I have sent a letter to my Area D representative Rick Fairbairn:

It seems to me we need to review the idea of a ward system – Mayor Baker of Lake Country is willing to speak to us about this very issue.

Don Elzer wants to make us into Monashee Foothills and Lumby needs to change. This has to be resolved – not by just letting the village permit Area D people to sit on Council but fair and proportional representation.

When or if you present tonight Rick I hope you will be clear about NORD’s ownership of buildings in Lumby – and at the very least – present the idea that some sort of settlement will happen so Lumby starts paying their own costs – buy the buildings – pay full costs on police etc. if they want to be an island in the middle of area D – as Don says Hands off our land!  Road tolls from Lumby to Silver Star and other mean and nasty further dividing isssues unless Area D is respected by the village.

So I’m away and can’t be there – but I am ticked off and can you really believe that the rest of BC will follow Lumby’s greedy and exclsive desire? I don’t thnk so.

Personally I don’t think Lumby wants to be isolated with that kind of crappy representation – but if not – why are Lumby Villagers not sticking up for a co-operative Lumby? Clearly they like being divisive and won’t want to work for peace.

I say we need to absorb Lumby into Area D and make the village a reasonable part of this community – fair representation for all or make our own community and stand up for ourselves.

sign me Peace for the people in Lumby and that includes US(area D).

You should be able to view the proceedings at http://vimeo/channels/lumbywatch
tomorrow(21st Feb) if you can’t make it out to the meeting.


  1. Priscilla Judd

    You can see Ms Green’s presentation to Council here http://vimeo.com/37283890 and other videos from Local Lumby Media including http://vimeo.com/20151617 start following Mayor Acton about 1 minute into the video where he chats to Ken Klassen on raising Lumby’s water rates 26% and “no one said a word” (just at the end of the video)!

    As it happened Janet Green sat on that Council and I don’t remember Ms Green telling everyone in the Village that their water rates were being hiked! “No one said a word” because Ms Green was busy promoting a different conflict in Lumby – that time it was over a prison.

    Personally I believe Ms Green has had her share of Lumby’s attention. Ms Turrell was able to be at the meeting – she could have spoken for herself.


  2. admin



  3. Spruce one

    Just to let you all know that you can see a video of Ms. Turrell’s presentation (delivered by Janet Green) on Lumby Watch: http://vimeo.com/37283890

    The acting Mayor, Nick Hodge, opened the meeting to discussion from the rather large assembly of Lumby and Area D residents present. See it here: http://vimeo.com/37284699
    Council decided to defer any decision to act on the proposal until the next general meeting.
    See that here: http://vimeo.com/37233258
    Thanks for writing this post about this issue!


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