Feb 19 2012

e-mail to the Governor General of Canada

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His Excellency
The Right Honourable David Johnston, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.
Governor General of Canada

Dear Sir,
I believe the Harper Government is going far past it’s mandate by cutting off House of Commons debate and refusing to consider suggestions proposed by the opposition. After all, a Majority Government was never intended to be a way to create a dictatorship. The opposition also represents Canadians and as such the Harper Government appears to be overstepping the polite tradition of working together to effect change.

For instance:

No one is complaining about the restructuring laws for pedophiles but Bill C-10 has managed to IMPOSE unwanted PUNISHMENT in other areas of law and as we have a correctional system – the idea of Canada meting out “punishment” contradicts the law as understood by Canadians.

The muzzling of scientists (Cohen Commission) was wrong, changing the review of Enbridge was wrong, warantless search is wrong, ropes in jail cells are wrong, freedom of choice is the law in Canada and the surge to question whether women have rights over their own body is very wrong. STD clinics have closed, planned parenthood has been attacked, this country has a Chinese Corporation rejecting scrutiny of the death of two workers because they were Chinese. The PM spends more time away from Canada signing deals that no one knows about than he does debating his policy in the House of Commons.   Is that Democracy? I think not.

There is a petition on the internet asking for a review and removal of the Harper Government and although I couldn’t find it to sign I am making my own request that the Harper Government be asked to step aside.

Thank You

Priscilla Judd

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