Feb 17 2012

AVAAZ & Leadnow.ca big boost to @nathancullen

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Nathan Cullen has distinguished himself as the co-operative NDP candidate that can #worktogether with First Nations and other MLAs. Nathan has started trending with the idea that progressive voters can #worktogether in their own ridings todefeat the Conservative government. Nathan has some new support now from AVAAZ and Leadnow.ca

Avaaz and Leadnow.ca are promoting more co-operation among Canada’s “progressive” political forces to defeat Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.

read mere here:

Nathan Cullen is the NDP Environment critic – calling for the government to stay in Kyoto – deal with climate change – develop green industry and Stop expanding the tar sands. Nathan Cullen is the person who managed to get the tanker ban passed in the House of Commons.

Promising to enact Finn Donnelly’s Wild Salmon Protection Act and get the Fish Farms out of the ocean and that’s good news for the East Coasters who are suffering from fish farm disease now.

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up with NDP and vote for Nathan Cullen in March. So do it online.

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