Feb 11 2012

For the love of Green let's #worktogether for change

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What’s the bad news today? The climate is warming faster than ever… Enbridge? China? Farmed salmon and the freedom to speak? Jobs going across the border? Yes – Stephen Harper’s Government has declared war on his ‘radical’ ‘ enemies’ – us – the people of Canada who do not want a second Harper Majority.

More bad news is that the Green Party is in trouble: http://www.christindal.ca/2011/05/03/the-state-of-the-green-party-of-canada/

On a more positive note, almost 10,000 people across Canada want our political parties to work together for the good of our country. www.leadnow.ca

But the best news is that Nathan Cullen NDP leadership candidate wants to ensure there is no second Harper Majority before we get to the next election. And NO – he is not planning to merge the lagging Liberals or the dire straight Greens. Since the elected people in all party colors have to work together after they’re elected to Ottawa. Nathan Cullen sees no reason why we can’t work together before an election.

It’s a brilliant plan really – if you think of how it plays out – an NDP Leader with a Green lens and lots of progressive seats in Parliament – a stronger multi-party system and no second Harper Majority. How good is that? It’s Great!

Nathan Cullen on ‘the green file’:

We’re committed to a lot of things, right? But you only get to prioritize a couple. And you got to be committed to some core things. To me, when my team forms up, I say the Green lens comes in front of every policy and you drive it through that lens. We’ll release environmental planks but every plank should be environmental. I think the Prime Minister should be the environment minister. Why cast it off to some low level bureaucracy that has no influence in power? Put it in the Prime Minister’s office, so that whether it’s trade or transportation or health, whatever we have to deal with, everything drives through that.


So if you didn’t re-new your Green membership – support Nathan Cullen click here: http://en.nathancullen.ca/jointoday  Elizabeth May – on twitter supports Nathan’s idea.  So now it’s up to us – go out and before Feb 16th – sign up those people who don’t think their vote counts, we can Elect Nathan Cullen!

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