Feb 04 2012

Move your Green to NDP – @nathancullen

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Just to let you know what Nathan’s about and why it’s important to sign up members:

Nathan Cullen is the only NDP leadership candidate open to doing politics differently.

No tankers – No pipelines & McCarthyism in Canada

Finn Donnelly’s bill The Wild Salmon Protection Act, and get the fish farms out of the ocean

proportional representation – restore political funding

“…if we can co-operate after elections, surely we can co-operate before.”

working with Greens (and Liberals) to oust Conservatives  (Elizabeth May supports that idea)

no tuition hikes

For a clean energy policy:  move your Green to NDP – @nathancullen

work with First Nations to meet their ideas, their needs:

“Give priority to completing modern treaty negotiations with Northern Aboriginal peoples to reaffirm sovereignty and increase their ability to manage development in line with local values and economic priorities.”

Sounds like the NDP is going Green! Interested in signing up? Move your green to NDP.



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