Jan 30 2012

And his name is @NathanCullen #NDPldr #CDNpoli

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Once again – Nathan Cullen wins the most News coverage from Sunday’s debate.  Nathan took the first paragraph and lead photo on Internet media including the Huff Post.  Nathan Cullen with grassroot support wins the day!  One thing is for sure Nathan Cullen is the Greenest candidate in the NDP leadership race.

Postmedia News,  HALIFAX devoted almost their entire article to Nathan:

“NDP MP Nathan Cullen said he’s “doubling down” on the idea of joining forces with the Liberals in the next election…”

“in a response that generated big applause from the crowd gathered at a Halifax school, Cullen argued it’s an idea that would ultimately be up to individual riding associations. He said it was really a means to an end since his first order of business as prime minister would be to introduce proportional representation, which would eliminate the problem altogether.”

Nathan Cullen Headlines:

Has Nathan Cullen become the new conscience of New Democrat leadership race in Canada?

“from the standpoint of we ordinary progressive voters, who just want to see some kind of progressive government in Ottawa after the next election, what Nathan Cullen is standing up for so impressively, and even idealistically in some respects, still makes a lot of down-to-earth common sense.”

Form a Green Blogger: http://beyondtheglasswall.blogspot.com/2012/01/why-i-cant-help-but-like-nathan-cullen.html

“So yes. I might just be a Cullen fan. His difficulties in this race seem to be his joint-nomination proposal. It seems to be unpopular with the general membership of the NDP. But if I may give my advice to those members: if you really want to elect an NDP government it will take controversial bold ideas. It will take someone can legitimately expand the base. To date, only one candidate has demonstrated an ability to this. And his name is Nathan Cullen.”


“Nathan Cullen’s …

Cullen said his ultimate goal is to oust the federal Conservatives from power and bring in a proportional representation voting system if he were elected prime minister.

Can you can tell when someone makes gains in a political race? This is from Jordan A. Glass – Green blog:

CBC live tweets:

HannahThibedeau: Cullen says Omnibus crime bill, C-10 is “moronic”

RosieBarton: I will give Cullen props for getting under Muclairs skin.

kady: “Someone smarter than me once said that Canada is a country that works in practice, but not in theory,” Cullen muses

kady: Cullen is cool as a cucumber in defending his (admittedly wildly unpopular within true-orange Dipper circles) policy

[important]kady: Dewar notes he’d start by not announcing it in Davos; Cullen suggests that next time the PM does so, he should stay there.[/important]

kady: Nathan Cullen goes back to the pipeline that threatens “our very way of life” in his part of the world. (BC).

kady: Think differently, Cullen entices the crowd. What if this is MORE than a debate, but a conversation?

kady: Also, my straw poll reveals similar levels of support for Saganash and Cullen as zombie apocalypse survival partners

Thank You Nathan Cullen – for greening the orange wave!


Way to go @TeamCullen


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